The Pinnacle Schools - Therapeutic Alternative/Virtual School & Private Academy in Huntsville Alabama

Our Mission Is...

to develop adolescents who are self-directed, educated and contributing members of society

About The Pinnacle Schools

Specializing in Online Education Since 2006

Pinnacle has been a leader in online learning since 2006 when a group of medical professionals recognized the need for students who were struggling in traditional classrooms. Their research revealed that students with learning differences often have co-existing mental health challenges. The Pinnacle Schools opened and quickly grew from a small private school to multiple programs that assist adolescents with academic and/or mental health disadvantages. Many would have failed or dropped out of school without Pinnacle's online academic program.

Pinnacle's College Prep Virtual Private Academy is among the programs of Pinnacle Behavioral Health, Inc. which is based in Huntsville, Alabama. For more than 17 years, Pinnacle Behavioral Health has helped thousands of students from across the country. Pinnacle's personalized approach to learning provides students with the ability to reach their educational goals at their pace. This flexibility allows students to earn credits and return to their school of choice, or finish their high school courses and earn their high school diploma at Pinnacle.

All academic programs of Pinnacle Behavioral Health have met the rigorous standards required for accreditation and since 2015, have earned accreditation through Cognia (formerly AdvancED/SACS). Pinnacle Behavioral Health is also accredited in Behavioral Health Care by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization's commitment to meeting rigorous performance standards.

The History of The Pinnacle Schools

After growing as a private school for six years, Pinnacle expanded by adding the RAISE Program in 2012. RAISE is the acronym for Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity, Self-Awareness and Excellence. Pinnacle provided RAISE as an alternative school through a partnership with area school systems. Many students in alternative public schools were at-risk of dropping out of high school.

Pinnacle's experienced, credentialed educators and support staff developed and implemented a customized alternative school with behavioral health services which led to the success of the RAISE Program. The program improved the school district's dropout rate, raised student GPAs by 43%, decreased truancy by 74%, and its Credit Recovery Program increased graduation rates by 81%.

The mission then, and continues to be, to instill in our students Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity, Self-awareness and Excellence.

For several years, Pinnacle maintained a brick-and-mortar presence in addition to its online education. Early in 2020 with the emergence of COVID 19, students began working from home full-time and to date, this system of virtual learning continues.

Mission of The Pinnacle Schools

Our mission is to develop adolescents who are self-directed, educated and contributing members of society. To support this mission, we resolve to provide an environment of respect, acceptance, skill development and challenge which fosters the personal development and emotional growth of our students. We are one component of a continuum of growth for struggling teens and their families.