Letter From the CEO of The Pinnacle Schools

I started Pinnacle Behavioral Health in 2006 along with a group of medical professionals who realized that our community lacked an alternative school setting for children that required more than what was provided in traditional classroom settings. We wanted to meet the needs of students that had fallen behind in school due to learning differences, mental health challenges, illnesses or school transfers. My reason was more personal. My teenage son had fallen behind in school after residential treatment for substance abuse. After several weeks of treatment, he returned home healthy but six weeks behind in school. The program did not provide for his educational needs. The alternative school provided by the school district was far from a healthy environment for any child, much less a teenager in the early stages of recovery. It was a recipe for relapse.

The Pinnacle Schools provides students in grades 6 – 12 an accredited education program that is supported by behavioral health services including individual and group counseling. The school is staffed by Highly Qualified and State Certified educators, trained behavioral interventionists and professional mental health providers.

The Private Academy is one program of The Pinnacle Schools. It is tuition-based and open to students in grades 6 – 12. Some of our students attend the Academy to recover credits lost after transferring from one school district to another. Others attend due to learning differences, mental health challenges including school anxiety, poor peer choices or simply to graduate early to start college, work or a career in the military. We host cap and gown graduation ceremonies twice per year.

Pinnacle has contracted with public school systems to provide alternative school programs that include behavioral health services for middle and high school students that have been expelled or need to recover credits before returning to their primary school.

It is our goal for every student to feel safe and develop self-confidence as they achieve academic success – sometimes for the first time in their lives. We also use cognitive behavior modification so that students can continue to succeed academically and behaviorally when they return to their primary school.

Our Highly Qualified and State Certified teachers are assisted by Behavior Interventionists that are continuously trained to recognize and intervene before negative behaviors escalate. Our faculty and staff instill in each student Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity, Self-Awareness and Excellence.

The mission of The Pinnacle Schools and all programs of Pinnacle Behavioral Health, Inc. is to develop adolescents who are self-directed, educated and contributing members of society. To support this mission, we resolve to provide an environment of respect, acceptance, skill development and challenge which fosters the personal development and emotional growth of our students. We are one component of a continuum of growth for struggling teens and their families.

- Karen Lee