The Pinnacle Schools - Therapeutic Alternative/Virtual School & Private Academy in Huntsville Alabama

"Your organization, as a whole, should be recognized for your tireless, and sometimes thankless, service ..."

Pinnacle Schools Credit Recovery Coordinator Lisa Ondocsin and Director of Education Angie Griffin admire the American Flag and kind words presented to the school by a parent

Pinnacle Schools Honored by Presentation of Flag

September 19, 2016

20 June 2016

SUBJECT: Letter of Appreciation to the faculty and staff of Pinnacle Schools in Huntsville, AL

On behalf of my son Ryan and myself, I want to convey the sincerest appreciation for what your organization does on a daily basis for the high school students enrolled in your program. Your organization embodies the commitment, hope, and epitomizes the core values that can sometimes be lost amongst the daily grind we all face every day.

It has been an uphill battle for my son in mathematics throughout his high school tenure. It has been a long time since I've seen him confident and hopeful that he could meet the curriculum in both geometry and algebra required to attain a High School Diploma from Huntsville City Schools. Seeing his self-esteem gain momentum in this critical part of his life, is essential to what he chooses to become moving forward.

Upon my active duty retirement in 2013 I took a Department of the Army Civilian position within Aviation Flight Test Directorate, located on Redstone Arsenal. My family and I fell in love with the community because of people like members of Pinnacle Schools. It is heartwarming to know that quality individuals are available that I can entrust with my most valuable resource, my son.

To date, I have presented only twenty American flags to mostly family members and very close friends. I feel it to be appropriate that your organization, as a whole, should be recognized for your tireless, and sometimes thankless, service your organization provides our younger members of society and future leaders of this great nation.

As a retired Chief Warrant Officer Four, with four combat deployments, I proudly present this flag to your organization on behalf of a grateful parent and productive member of society. You've equipped him (and others like him) with the self-confidence and belief that he can achieve a sense of pride and ownership in his work. The second and third order effects of your dedication, and his continued hard work, have filled him with hope as he looks to pursue higher educational opportunities in the future. I especially want to recognize Mrs. Ondocsin and Mrs. Fields for their common sense approach and support of all the promising young adults enrolled in their programs. Your institution is a breath of fresh air and a second chance opportunity that the community should learn to appreciate greatly.