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Professional Development

Academic Programs and Classroom Management

Professional Development

Our experienced credentialed educators and support staff have decades of experience developing and implementing programs for at-risk youth and young adults. Pinnacle can customize a Professional Development Program for any size school district from training existing staff to developing an entire alternative school or private school program.

Many students find success in school for the first time in our customized alternative school RAISE Program. Small classrooms are equipped with work stations for each student. One-on-one attention is provided by Highly Qualified and State Certified teachers. Teachers in Pinnacle's RAISE programs are supported by behavioral interventionists that are trained to recognize and deescalate maladaptive behaviors before they escalate.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT Teachers must employ various strategies to prevent or solve crisis situations. Beyond their position of power within a classroom framework, a teacher must gain skillful mediator skills to handle everything from a minor dispute to a major conflict - all while performing a negotiating process in a professional manner.

DE-ESCALATION TO EMPOWER Our facilitators train staff to validate the emotions of a person in crisis and to empower them to problem-solve in order to regain control. Usually the typical empathetic approach to de-escalation is problematic and dis-empowering. We illustrate the importance of validation to show the person in crisis that there is a common goal while demonstrating how to empower a person in crisis to make the most beneficial choice in their situation.

PINNACLE'S PROVEN BEHAVIOR MATRIX FOR CLASSROOMS Equitable student classroom management can be difficult under the best of circumstances. Pinnacle can assist schools and school systems in creating and tailoring a behavior matrix to fit the school’s unique needs.

COMPASSION FATIGUE vs COMPASSION SATISFACTION As helping professionals, we strive to serve others in ways that empower them to improve quality of life through creating the opportunity for change, bring order to chaos, and ease/heal suffering and pain. However, being successful in this profession does not come without emotional exhaustion, constant exposure to secondary trauma, and burnout/ compassion fatigue.

RE-ENTRY BRIDGES FOR YOUTH IN CRISIS For youth whose education is interrupted by a mental health emergency, returning to school is an intimidating experience. Behind on classes and facing the stigma of being “different,” these youth with absences due to mental health issues have difficulty reintegrating socially. Our organization can help your school build the bridges that they need in order to complete their education and succeed in the future.

For more information about starting a RAISE Program or an alternative school in your area, call 866-906-TEEN (8336) or 256-518-9998. You may also complete and submit the form "Contact Me" on this web page.